Visibility and Data Access in

By Rajat Mahajan, Technical Specialist, There are several layers of access controls that determine who sees what in Salesforce organization. Below are the different layers where access will be provided to users: Organization Access- First, users need access to the organization access by allowing them to login from set IP ranges during hours that... Continue Reading →


Super Keyword Usage in Java

  By Rajat Mahajan, Technical Specialist, Notes: If you want to use super, you can invoke any method of the parent class be suffixing method name of parent class next to super. in child class Super can also call constructors of parent class, provided that they are called from child class constructors only Also,... Continue Reading →

Constructor Overloading and Copy – Java / Apex –

By Rajat Mahajan, Technical Specialist, Notes Constructor overloading is nothing but achieved by just making multiple constructors with different data type of param or different number of params Constructor copy is basically passing the instance of the class already doing some logic and setting variables in one constructor to another constructor Code Sample Continue Reading →

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