Edit Single Record on Lightning Component and Save – Salesforce.com

By Rajat Mahajan, Technical Specialist, Salesforce.com This blog is in continuation to the previous blog, where i showed how you can start with Lightning and build a component to fetch a record from the System and Display on an Lightning App Page (using Lightning App Builder) This blog will most of the logic built in... Continue Reading →


Build your first Lightning App & Aura Component using Lightning App Builder / Display Record Fields – Salesforce.com

By Rajat Mahajan, Technical Specialist, Salesforce.com This blog will involve you to go through all components of developing a basic Lightning Component and then displaying it: This blog focuses on getting you started with the basic syntax to build Lightning Components (Aura Components). You will get to understand the creation of: Lightning Application Lightning Component... Continue Reading →

SOQL for checking records created in last 15 minutes or any number of minutes – Apex, Salesforce.com

By Rajat Mahajan, Technical Specialist, Salesforce.com I have the following opportunity created just minutes back: Run the following query to get the output: System.debug(JSON.serializePretty([Select name from Opportunity where SystemModstamp > :Datetime.now().addMinutes(-15)])); You will get the following as output: You can write any number of minutes in the where clause to do what you need Cheers!... Continue Reading →

What is BatchableContext parameter that us used by the methods of the Batch class in Apex – Salesforce.com

By Rajat Mahajan, Technical Specialist, Salesforce.com This blog focuses on the understanding of BatchableContext param that is used in Batch interface methods implementation Consider the following batch class: https://gist.github.com/rajat28mahajan/b8892c0518d4bee0425ac5ecf75eed33 Now all i have done is to print the batchablecontext param of each of the methods in a format of JSON to understand what it really... Continue Reading →

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